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Just Perform Athletics has a mission and a duty to the youth sports world to supply top notch performance training for the younger generation. We teach these athletes the fundamentals from the ground up. No athlete can become great alone. Hard work, commitment and dedication to getting better everyday is what we strive for from our young athletes.


Just Perform Athletics is built just for the younger athlete looking to get ahead of the game. Speed, Agility, and Conditioning are the main areas of focus for this program. We focus on age appropriate drills and techniques helping them learn the basics of all their movements before moving onto more advanced training. Teaching these athletes how to move faster, smarter and more efficiently is the best way to give them an advantage on the field or court.


Everyone wants to be faster right? Well our program tracks and helps improve our athletes speed by incorporating various high intensity speed drills and techniques to ensure increased speed. Athletes will be timed and tested on various drills including 40 yard dash.


Footwork lays the foundation for every great player! Our program focuses on teaching these athletes everything from basic movements to advanced movements. Athletes will use ladders, hurdles, cones, hexagons, and more to increase mobility.


Conditioning is most of the time overlooked in youth sports but it is the single most important part of the game. Our program ensures our athletes are properly conditioned to withstand the demands of the game. We incorporate hill days, beach runs, sprints and more.  


Our program is designed to get the best out of every athlete that joins us. Potential is limitless and hard work is what we expect. With proven training methods being used in our program your young athlete will increase speed, improve agility, gain endurance and learn from the ground up how to become a better athlete.

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Meet Coach Brandon

From a 15-year accomplished multi-sport youth athletic career to a 4-year youth sports coach, my passion and drive are with the generation of youth and my determination to get them where they want to be, not only physically but mentally. At the age of 12, I was named Mr. California as a track athlete and ranked the fastest 12-year-old in all of California for the 100- and 200-meter dash. I was invited to participate in the AAU Junior Olympics and ranked the 29th fastest kid in United States all while juggling football, club basketball, and club baseball. Upon entering high school, I moved to Arizona where I focused only on football and track making it all the way to State as a sophomore on varsity holding the 3rd fastest time in the state of Arizona for the 100m and 200m (even to this day!). Life happened and my chance to go colligate was altered which stirred up my passion to become a coach and trainer for youth athletes.

Later on, I became a father of a son who is also a multi-sport athlete. I began learning and studying how the youth athletics programs work and what truly separates a child from their peers and that is the outside training and dedication to getting better. Athletes are molded into great athletes when they prepare and work on the fundamentals at a young age, preferably ages 6-16 are the prime years of sports development. Getting our young athletes 1% better every day is what we strive to do!